2B Friendly (previously known as Circles of Justice) is an Israeli NGO dedicated to improving society through the economic power of people and the private sector, ultimately promoting a more just economy in Israel.

2B Friendly operates as a platform for small and medium-sized businesses to embrace socioeconomic and environmental values and aims to make fair practices a profitable endeavor.

In parallel, 2B Friendly acts as an infrastructure enabling NGO’s to enhance and scale their goals by both connecting them with the private sector and jointly spreading their message to the public.

 Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world where businesses and consumers value people, the community and our planet alongside products and profits. The NGO carries out its mission by finding everyday methods for making fair practices central to economic conduct, as well as “waking up” the public and private sectors to the power that consumerism holds in the creation of a just, sustainable economy.


  • Accessibility: There are over a million people with disabilities living in Israel, yet 78% of restaurants and cafes in the country are not accessible by them, nor are most private stores (Access Israel, 2016).
  • Food Waste: Each day, 7,000 tons of edible food is thrown away by businesses purely due to aesthetics. Meanwhile, 35% of Israeli children and 26% of adults live beneath the poverty line (Israel Social Security, 2017).
  • Environment: Israel is lagging compared to world leaders in environmental protection. One example, plastic bags from businesses, alone, constitute 25% of Israeli waste.
  • Social justice: Local restaurants and cafes are notorious for not abiding by even the most basic labor laws, such as minimum wage.

Israel boasts an impressive body of legislation in many of these fields, but the sad reality is that these laws are barely enforced, especially among small businesses. This creates an urgent need for alternative methods to impact the way Israeli businesses operate – a void 2B Friendly is now filling.

Small and medium sized businesses are the engine for Israel’s economic growth. Israel’s 500,000+ SMB’s make up more than 99% of the country’s businesses and are responsible for 53% of Israel’s GDP, as well as 61% of the Israeli workforce. 2B Friendly recognizes that struggling SMB cannot place values before profitability, we aim to make fair practices a profitable endeavor.

What We Do

2B Friendly is based on Impact Assessment, a rating and screening system for small-medium businesses in collaboration with expert partner organizations. Together we have built a detailed analysis tool designed to understand businesses’ conduct in four categories: accessibility to the disabled, the use of environmentally-friendly products and practices, employee rights, and cooperation with the community. Businesses demonstrating good practices in respect to these fields receive 2B Friendly’s seal of approval and eligibility for government-incentives (2B Friendly is working hand-in-hand with local & state authorities). All the while, 2B Friendly gives guidance to businesses – both those that did and did not meet the “friendly” criteria – on improving practices and actively assists them in doing so.


With respect to the public sphere, 2B Friendly will utilize campaigns in order to increase public awareness of often overlooked social indecencies and environmental threats, the power consumers hold to remedy them, and how to leverage it.  Furthermore, “friendly” accredited businesses will display the 2B Friendly badge in their establishment and be included across 2B Friendly’s digital platforms, enabling conscious consumers to recognize and support them over less “friendly” competitors. Thus, using civic engagement as a tool of change for a better economy.


Ultimately, 2B Friendly’s annual impact report will portray socioeconomic progress and lives positively impacted in concrete terms, allowing businesses and consumers to internalize the power of conscious consumerism.

2B Friendly Team

key staff

Shelly Dvir

Executive Director

Dvir has been the head of 2B Friendly since the beginning of 2016. She is the former executive director of Shutafot – Coalition of Women’s Organizations for gender, economic and work equality.

From 2006-2014 Dvir practiced law at Adam Law Offices, specializing in petitions to the Israeli Supreme Court of Justice on a variety of administrative law issues. She also managed the Haim Cohen Center for the Legal Protection of Human Rights, a non-profit that specializes in pro-bono work on human rights’ cases and the legal representation of minorities. Prior to that, Dvir worked at the Knesset (The Israeli parliament) for two years, from 2004-2006, as a parliamentary assistant to the chair of the committee for the advancement of women.

She is a council member of Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality.

Dvir holds an MA in Political Science (cum laude) from Tel Aviv University, and an LLM degree (cum laude) from the Hebrew University. She is a member of the Israeli Bar Association. 

Hili Yaari

Marketing & Media Coordinator

Hili is the person in charge of running the marketing campaigns and running the digital media of our association, writing all professional Materia and handling all the public communication

Hili came to work at 2B Friendly after practicing being a Marketing Coordinator at the department for children and youth at risk, at Tel Aviv municipality. She also have a vase experience in advertising  as she worked for 6 years at Adler- Chomski  advertising farm and earlier to that at Shalmor Sherf PR office.


Shaya bonstein

Education and Business Officer

Roy Silberstein

Field Officer


Yoel Cheshin, Chair

Yoel Cheshin is the Co-Founder and Chairman of 2B Angels, 2B Community & 2B Friendly, all part of 2B Group.
He has been an active angel investor for several years before forming 2B-Friendly, with the purpose of creating an investment fund that supports sustainable social change.

2B Angels makes venture investments in technology startup companies. 2B Community is an impact investments platform that offers a double bottom line – financial profit and social impact.

Mr. Cheshin received his LL.B (Summa Cum Laude) from the Hebrew University.

Shahar Botzer

Botzer is the Managing Partner of 2B Community, an Impact Investment Fund. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Issta Lines, one of Israel’s premier tourism service providers. Botzer served in various positions in both the social and business sectors, as the CEO of Shaham – the Israeli Actors Guild, as Chairman of JobTov – a placement company, and as the chairman of the Tel Aviv University Student Union. He studied economics and communication at Tel Aviv University.

Amit Gurevich

Amit Gurevich is a prominent Israeli labor law lawyer and law professor, and former spokesperson of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. He is a member of the boards of 2B Friendly and The Movement for Freedom of Information in Israel.

Shay Simkin

Managing Director at the Howden Broking Group, Simkin has been working in the insurance industry for over 20 years and is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Simkin was the co-founder of Engel Simkin Insurance Brokers, which was acquired by Howden in November 2003. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Haifa University.

Ran Livne

Livne is CEO of the Ramon Foundation and a faculty member of the IDC Herzliya and Wharton Business School. Livne has been involved in social entrepreneurship since 2008 and has vast experience in establishing, promoting and operating social and business ventures. Prior to his work at the Ramon Foundation, Livne worked as head of business development at the strategic consulting company T.A.R.A. Until 2001 he was chairman of the Tel Aviv University Student Union. He holds a BA in sociology and English literature from Tel Aviv university, an MBA in Business Management-Global strategy from IDC Herzliya, and is a graduate of the Grubb Institution’s Leadership program in London.

Omri Boral

Omri Boral is a founding partner and the Professional Director at TechForGood. Prior to joining TechForGood, Omri had been an active player in developing the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Israel. She co-founded several organizations in the field, which served as a catalyzer for the evolvement of the industry in Israel.

Omri also developed methodological tools specifically designed for double bottom line startups, in addition to leading numerous entrepreneurship programs. Before these undertakings, Omri held management positions in various social organizations and served as an economist for the Ministry of Finance.

Omri is currently writing her PhD on hybrid financial instruments and impact investment models. She holds a B.A. in Political Science, Philosophy & Economy from the Hebrew University (Cum Laude).

Shlomit Yarkoni

Shlomit Yarkoni has fifteen years of experience in a variety strategic planning., managing NGO’S and fundraising. Shlomit has worked with leading organizations such as NIF, IVN, US- Israel Technology Foundation, The US State Department etc. Shlomit was Director of Project and Partnership Development at the New Israel Fund (NIF). She held management positions at the BRM institute for Technology & Society and at the Israel Venture Network. Her diverse experience includes managing more than 800 volunteers at the Latet international humanitarian aid organization. She is also active in several volunteer organizations. Holds an MA degree in archaeology and linguistics from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Every donation you give helps us to finance the important activity of 2B Friendly.  Circles of Justice is a recognized non-profit organization and donations to the organization are tax-deductible.

Contact us

Do you have any questions? Want to know more? You are welcome to contact us at: shelly@2b-friendly.com

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